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Doug's Century Challenge: 65 for 65
This is an incomprehensible story about an extraordinary road cyclist on the 1A coast. We can’t wait to tell you his story, but first, indulge us f...
Swimtheswell is the Alias. Swell Defines the Man.
Meet Swimtheswell. The guy with the coolest social handle ever, the biggest heart, and a watertight camera housing under his arm. Swimtheswell was...
Some Things Are Simply Better on the Beach
What do napping, reading, picnicking, walking, people watching, bocce and Coronas (plus a few unnamed pastimes) all have in common? They are bette...
Play on 1A, Just in the Air
There are some long-standing myths floating about in American culture. Bigfoot or Sasquatch continues to lurk unseen in the woods of North America....

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