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Why Have the 1A Brand

Why Have the 1A Brand

The open road mesmerizes all of us. Is it the freedom of driving endlessly toward the horizon? Maybe it’s the rush of what’s in store at the end of the road adventure? Whatever the destination or the pursuit, each one of us has a personal connection to the open road.

Our country has some iconic highways indeed. The west coast has the famous PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). Maui’s Road to Hana (HI-360) has 600 curves and 50+ bridges. The nation’s interior is graced by the renown Route 66, Blue Ridge Parkway and Highway 63 (thank you Forrest Gump). The east coast (our favorite) offers its own splendor. It may not be possible to walk on water, but the Overseas Highway is the next best thing.

But wait... While U.S.1 is meandering south from Fort Kent, Maine to the Florida Keys, there is the more scenic sibling. That’s right, our very own Route 1A runs from Van Buren, Maine on the Canadian border to Key West, Florida.

Route 1A starts in Van Buren, Maine, a small town on the Saint John River in Aroostook County. Just across the river is Saint-Leonard, New Brunswick, Canada. Every street in town is named after a President. Why? It was named after the eighth U.S. President Martin Van Buren after all. Head to Van Buren where you’ll find thousands of miles of snowmobile trails, hunting, boating, the famous bronze moose and much more.

Depending upon your passion, this humble highway offers surfing, world-class fishing, historic monuments, state and national parks, cycling venues, winter fun, breathtaking beaches and coastline, serene forests and marshes, and an endless gateway for cruising into the sunset.

So why is the “1A” brand important? It’s an homage to another great roadway in this fabulous nation. It’s a celebration of one’s good fortune to be able to seek our personal expression of freedom along this roadway. As we like to say, this isn’t our brand. 1A is really your brand.

See you out on 1A.

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